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Vertitubes® - Vertical dancing tubes create unique, eye-catching excitement!

Vertitubes create exciting dance-like motion, inflate up to 100 feet in seconds, can be used indoors or out, are spectacular special effect for daylight or nighttime use, and can dispense confetti.

Vertitubes® were featured at the 1994 World Cup Closing Ceremonies. One of the only special effects that can be used for daytime or night, indoors or out. Vertitubes shoot up to 100 feet instantly, remaining in dance-like motion for many hours. They can dispense fog and confetti into the air as they move. Individually or in groups, their visual impact and continuous animation add excitement and color to any event.

AirDD's Vertitubes® are available in a variety of heights and can be custom designed with your logo or artwork. Also available in many colors.

Contact us at 330-633-3288, 800 704-2511, to find out more about renting or purchasing Vertitubes.

(Click on any image below to see the enlarged photo.)
American Spiral (Red, White and Blue) Spiral Vertitube Spiral Vertitube Striped Spotted
Vertitube with Heart Appliques Jingle Bells Vertitube Candy Cane and Snowman Vertitubes
Swirl Orange and Black Swirl Vertitube (Halloween)
Vertitube with Banners Vertitubes with Banners
Sky Flag
Sky Flag
Vertitube Flag
Vertitube Flag
Tube Guy
Tube Guy (no arms)
Plastic Checkerboard Plastic

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